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Types of Investment Services and Planning

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Meaning of Planning Investment

Investment planning refers to the step by step process of creating, planning and managing accumulated capital so as to generate future cash and capital flows for the achievement of pre determined spending or goals.

Investment planning ensures that you invest and plan in such a way that you never lose sight of your goals and the steps you must take to achieve those goals.


With an investment plan, you will be able to:

1) Create and priorities investment goals

2) Take stock of accumulated available finances and the role you envisage for them in meeting your financial goals. You would also be able to determine whether your current investments have been the right ones for you.

3) Pinpoint the correct investment instruments for you including life insurance amounts and contingency reserves you need to take care of dependents.

4) Track the course of your investments, set milestones for review and execution and take corrective action in case the plan is not working out.

Investment Services

Investment services offered by various financial institutions can help in identifying your financial requirements and prioritizing your plans. You can receive proper guidance for your portfolio and receive knowledge of which investment to make at the appropriate time.

An experienced investment planner will be able to guide you in selecting the best option out of the innumerable investment options. so that he can get the maximum profit out of his money.

Investment services also help you in deciding the right investment strategy you should adopt depending on your personal conditions, age and risk tolerance. Some services may include asset allocation, risk profiling, and portfolio construction, regular review of progress, portfolio rebalancing, and creating and accumulating wealth through SIP (Systematic Investment Plans).

Most people evaluate various investment options based on liquidity, safety and return.

Any prudent investment should strike the right balance between returns and risk. Careful financial planning can help you strike that fine balance between risk and return that is well suited for your financial goals and requirements.

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