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Networking for Private Mortgage Lenders

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Lots of entrepreneurs or property traders new to the enterprise of putting together private equity believe that the high quality of their investment opportunity or organization is essential to acquiring private money lenders. The private investors who read this are smiling, simply because this attitude is so typical and so far from the reality.

The fact is that accomplishment in raising private equity from private money investors has a whole lot more to do with you, your workforce along with the relationships you build. It's a procedure that I integrate into my GRAD method (Get Ready, Attract, Deliver).

I want to talk about the “Attract” component from the formulation, for the reason that unless you might be talking with the right men and women who may be interested in private mortgage lending, the best preparation, and most effective pitch are heading to fall on “deaf” ears. And the entire world of private investment lending is all about relationships.

Think about it. Suppose some real estate entrepreneur came up to you asking for a $100K investment imagining you might be their private money lender. Would you even give them a moment of one's time in case you weren't familiar with them and your colleagues or acquaintances weren't friends with them also? Not very likely.

Networking for Private Mortgage Lenders

And most “networking” meetings whose announced objective is uncover individuals like private mortgage lenders, recall that title. Opposite to frequent apply, the effective networker is not the an individual one who gathers the most business cards. What number of potential private investors do you believe will keep in mind you (or even need to keep in mind you) following a 60 sec interaction which included largely of you yammering on about your investment or your company to them?

Actual networking for private investment is about creating effective and mutually beneficial relationships with persons who could have some curiosity about in producing a private money investment. The questions the prosperous networker asks when he or she meets someone (regardless of whether or not they're looking to boost private equity or something else) is:

• Who you are have you been?

• How can I serve you?

“Serve” is the operative phrase. No matter how significantly you think you recognize about a private money lender, or his organization, or the organizations she belongs to, the only person who can answer the query “how can I serve you?” will be the personal investor themselves.

Do not assume. Do not try to figure out what you have got to gain. Most people want to have personal and business relationships with “givers” not “takers”. Don’t you?

Yes, it does get some time to create a relationship of trust and respect with a private money lender who to begin with doesn't know you. You can find no short cuts to constructing a relationship.

Well… In fact there is one! Start by exploring the family relationships with folks you previously know, and persons they already know. Do that with attention to detail, and inside a very brief time you'll discover that living in your midst, are lots of private mortgage lenders that may well be interested in being a part of inside your real estate deals.

Given that this is a social network, and I'm sure there are lots of extremely profitable networkers, I’d prefer to pose:

“What networking methods happen to be successful for you?”


“How could I serve you?”

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